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My Family
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

...but joy comes in the morning.

December was a bit of a bitter sweet for us. My grandmother, who in her prime, was full of life, laughter and love, went on to her Heavenly home on my son's birthday, 14 December 2010. What a sad time for us all. My poor mom, who attended to grandma in the rest home in Florida, is somewhat at a loss. She would tirelessly go to see Grandma daily to feed her and spend time with her--even though Grandma's mind had been suffering from dementia for six years.

I have such fond memories of growing up and visiting my grandma and grandpa in West Virginia. Grandma would always bake homemade bread and have jelly and honey and all kinds of stuff for my sister and I. She would have our bed piled high with about 12 blankets because it was so cold there. Grandma would always have Valerie, my sister, and I go into her room and pull out her purse and sneak us some gum and give us some money--all the while telling us not to tell Grandpap. Later on, Grandpap would have us go into the room and open a drawer and pull out a white paper bag full of candy. He'd give us girls some and always told us not to tell Grandma. It was so fun. We would take the candy and think we were so special for each of them to share such "secrets" with us kids.

TR was honored to do Grandma's memorial service at my parents' church there in Florida. My sister, Valerie, played the piano---Grandma didn't like the organ, she said it reminded her of funeral music. TR did a wonderful job as we laughed and we cried and were reminded of all the 'Precious Memories' of her life!

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